Traveling Through Time: Uncovering How People Journeyed Before the Invention of the Wheel

Aug 19, 2023 | Travel and Geography

How Did People Travel Before the Wheel Was Invented?

How Did People Travel Before the Wheel Was Invented?

Before the wheel was invented, people had to find different ways to travel from one place to another.


Walking was the most common way of getting around. People used to walk long distances to reach their desired destinations.

Animal Transportation

Animals played a significant role in transportation. People would ride on animals like horses, donkeys, or camels to travel faster and carry heavy loads.

Water Travel

Water travel was an important means of transportation. People used different types of boats like canoes and rafts to cross rivers and travel across bodies of water.


Sledges were used to transport heavy goods over snowy or icy terrain. They would pull the sledges using ropes, making it easier to carry heavy objects.

Carrying on Shoulders

Carrying on shoulders was another method of transportation. People would carry objects or even other people on their backs to move from one place to another.

So, before the wheel was invented, people relied on their legs, animals, boats, sledges, and carrying things on their shoulders to travel and transport goods.

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